Welcome to the Woodloch Springs Sports Complex!

Here at the WSSC, everyone is welcome!  It doesn't matter your age or what shape you are in!  We are committed to providing a great environment in which everyone can feel comfortable and achieve their fitness and aquatics goals.  Our staff and professionals are here to help you on your fitness and/ or aquatics journey.

Summer is just about here- what better time to get fit and ready for fun in the sun?

It's a perfect time to take advantage of all the facility has to offer.  Join one of our great Summer Programs, such as our Golf Conditioning Program / Class.  This will help prepare you for the golf season by increasing your strength, flexibility and more.   


FITNESS CENTER RULE:  NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 16 IS PERMITTED IN THE FITNESS CENTER.                                                                                                            


Hours of Operation:

Sunday through Thursday 
6:30am to 9pm

Friday and Saturday
6:30am -10pm


737 Woodloch Drive | Hawley, PA 18428