TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise)

TRX is an incredible workout system that uses suspension training straps and your body weight to enable you to perform hundreds of exercises.

What makes TRX so special? It is extremely versatile! You can do a variety of different exercises that target strength, flexibility, cardio, core, etc. TRX is a safe and effective method of exercise that offers benefits for all levels of fitness!

TRX is also a great workout option because of its simplicity and portability. All you need is one piece of equipment to train just about every muscle in your body. Complicated equipment is not required in order to get a great total body workout!

Benefits of TRX

  • Because TRX training is done while standing, your whole body is able to be involved and engaged in each exercise.

  • The TRX system offers exercises for virtually every muscle in the body— delivering a true full-body workout!
  • Adjust your body in countless angles and explore all the possible exercises that can be completed! TRX training can be used to target your shoulders, back, arms, chest, hips and legs.
  • All ages and fitness levels can benefit from TRX. Simply adjust your body position to tailor the workout to your own level!

TRX Classes

TRX®  with Props:  A 45-minute full body workout, combining the use of the TRX system and other gym equipment such as: medicine balls, bosu balls, balance disks, and more!  You will leave this class feeling sweaty and proud!

TRX® Stretch: A 30-minute full body class utilizing the TRX straps to focus on  stretching muscles and joints, creating an optimal range of motion.

TRX® Strength + Stretch: A 45–minute full body strength and stretch class utilizing the TRX straps

TRX® Cardio & Strength Circuit: 6 TRX Stations.  2 people at each station.  One will do a cardio move while the other one completes a strength move on the TRX straps.  First come first serve.  This class can accommodate 12 people

Meet Our Certified Instructors

Erika Collins
Erika CollinsB.S. in Adult Health & Fitness IFPA Certified
Calina Knash
Calina KnashTRX Certified Instructor

Each of our teachers above completed extensive TRX training and achieved full certification to instruct all TRX classes.

  • The TRX classes listed below are limited to 6 participants per class. Because of this, registration is required.  Register ON-LINE or stop by the Front Desk to sign up.

  • Personal attention to exercise form is given by our instructors to each and every participant.


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