Swimming Instructors

Meet the Starfish Swim Instructors!

Erika Collins

Erika is the manager of the Sports Complex, and teaching swim lessons is just one of the many hats that she wears here! Erika has personally certified all of the instructors here at the Sports Complex in the internationally accredited Starfish Swim School. And if the power goes out, don’t worry: her smile will light up the whole pool area!

Carla Mohan

Carla has been a lifeguard at the sports complex since June of 2016. She became a swim instructor shortly after she joined the WSSC team. She is dedicated to teaching safety and the skill to swim to people of all ages as she just recently learned to teach babies as well. Carla is currently going to school to major in nursing and thought that learning the basics of first aid and helping to save lives would be a great start.

Taylor Batzel

Taylor is a certified Lifeguard and Swim Instructor at the facility. You will also see Taylor working the Front Desk from time to time.

As a Starfish Swim Instructor she takes pride in teaching water safety and the lifelong skill of swimming to participants of all ages. In her time off Taylor enjoys the arts as well as exploring nature with her 4 brothers.

Kailee Mohan

Kailee is one of our Certified Lifeguards and Starfish Swim Instructors at the Sports Complex! She is currently a high school student who takes pride in her work. She loves to teach the lifelong skill of swimming to people of all ages. Her super fun and bubbly personality can be seen all over the facility, not just in the pool!


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